• On Feb 12, 2020

    As a continuation of Nepal Earthquake Relief and Rehabilitation Project (NERRP) Phase-I, which was jointly implemented by Institution for Suitable Action for Prosperity (ISAP) and Peace Winds Japan (PWJ) with the financial support from Ministry of Foreign Affairs-Japan (MOFA) and JICA, a facilitation meeting was conducted on 12th of February, 2020 at Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizens (MoWCSC) for a proposed Project for Improving Water Access and Agriculture Income (PIWAII) (2nd phase of NERRP) which is to be funded by MOFA Japan in Sindhupalchowk district.

    With this meeting, we have come one step closer to the project approval agreement and we are hopeful that we could continue creating an impact in the lives of the people of Sindhupalchowk as a catalyst.

  • On Feb 5, 2020

    Refresher training for leader farmers concludes with field visit

    The three day “Refresher training for leader farmers” which started on Feb 2, 2020 concluded on Feb 4, 2020 with a field visit to Patalekhet and Sankhu. For the participants, who have been majorly cultivating off season tomato inside plastic house, this visit provided them with a new perspective as they could observe broccoli cultivation inside the green house of Mr. Sita Ram Bhattarai, Farmer, Patalekhet. Mr. Bhattarai who constructed the green house just two years back was earning well through cultivation of broccoli, beans, and cucumber inside green house and was a fuel of motivation for the participants. Besides off season tomato, one can cultivate other crops as well was a takeaway learning for the participants. “As I do not have to invest much on my children’s education now, I will construct green house in 3 ropanies of my land which I was preparing for additional plastic houses. Other than tomato, I will cultivate other crops inside the green house. I have some savings and I will approach for the government subsidies as well for its construction," said Homa Bahadur Karki, Kriyashil Farmers.

    The participants were then taken to Sankhu where they got an opportunity to interact with beneficiaries of one of the JICA funded project named SRC-CAP. Participants learned on how the project support helped them technically as well as financially for the fresh vegetable production. It was then followed up by evaluation of training from the representative participants. This evaluation intended to obtain participants view about different aspect of training-from the training venue to effectiveness and coverage of topics. Participants concluded the training to be highly effective in terms of learning and brushing up on fundamentals of vegetable production and showed commitment to transfer their knowledge to their fellow farmers of their groups too. It was then proceeded further with distribution of certificate of completion of training to participants in presence of Ms. Yuko Yamamoto, Country Representative, Peace Winds Japan, Dr. Ram Chandra Bhusal, Agriculture Expert, SAFII, Mr. Pankaj Parajuli, Chief Executive Officer, ISAP and Mr. Bishnu Adhikari. #JICA #PWJ #ISAP

  • On Feb 3, 2020

    Second day of the refresher training conducted successfully

    The second day of the refresher training for leader farmers has been completed successfully. The program which started with review of the first day was followed by session on cultivation technology of seasonal vegetables facilitated by Mr. Arun Kafle, Senior Horticulture Development Officer, Vegetable Crops Development Center. During his session participants particularly showed keen interest in grafting technology of plastic house tomato and Mr. Kafle clarified to the participant that finding a root stock resistant to nematode and bacterial wilt is a major existing challenge in grafting. Then, Ms. Kranti Rai, Agriculture Economist, Agriculture Knowledge Center briefly talked about the crop insurance and existing government subsidy policy for vegetable production/marketing at local level. Participants got an opportunity to learn about existing subsidies provisioned for farmers like them and were clear on procedures to be followed to tap those subsidies. It was then followed by session on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques of major disease and pest management of seasonal and off seasonal vegetables facilitated by Mr. Ram Krishna Subedi, Senior Plant Protection Officer, Plant Quarantine and Pest Management Center.

    Dr. Ram Chandra Bhusal, Agriculture Expert, SAFII highlighted on the roles and responsibilities of leader farmer and introduced the concept of agriculture value chain among the participants. As the project is in the final year of operation, considering the importance of sustainability of project he emphasized on the importance of collection center and co-operatives for the farmers group.

    The training was concluded very fruitful by participants as they got an opportunity to learn and brush up on new technology, knowledge and skills. “If we do cultivation in 200 ropanies of land, we qualify for the pocket area which makes it easier to get government subsidies,” said Ramesh Gajurel, Pragatisil Farmers Group. #JICA #ISAP #PWJ

  • On Feb 2, 2020

    Refresher training for leader farmers kicks off from today

    Just a year back, leader farmers under SAFII project attended five days training on vegetable production and marketing which was facilitated by various government and non- government agriculture and marketing experts. Considering the fact that knowledge fades away with time, refresher training for leader farmer is organised from Feb 2- Feb 5, 2020 with an objective to review the vegetable production and marketing fundamentals the leader farmers might have forgotten and brush up on new technical knowledge and skills.

    The first day of the training which started with introduction of participants was followed by shedding light on the training objective by the project team. Mr. Deepak Poudel, Chief, PMAMP- PIU (Potato) Superzone, Kavre conducted brief session on vegetable nursery establishment and management. His session mainly focused on importance and types of nursery, types of soil sterilization of nursery bed and major problems of vegetable nursery along with their management. Next session was facilitated by Dr. Kedar Budathoki, Senior Scientist facilitated session on cultivation technology of off season vegetables. The final session for day one was facilitated by Arun GC, Agriculture Extension Officer, Ministry of Agricultural Development on Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) of Nepal. During all the session, participants actively interacted with the resource persons to clarify their doubts and queries. We will keep you posted so keep following us 🙂

  • On Jan 24, 2020

    SAFII is a three-year project which started in 2018 was jointly implemented by ISAP, Peace Winds Japan (PWJ) with financial support from JICA, with an objective to improve the Agricultural Income of farmers residing in the Sindhupalchowk District. This project which was implemented post-earthquake has completed two years of its cycle. We are excited to share what the project has achieved in these two years and are proud that we have been able to improve the farmer's livelihood.

    All these achievements would not have been possible without the support of our hardworking farmers, JICA, PWJ, and amazing ISAP core staff for all these years. We also would like to thank all our well-wishers and hope to find similar support for the upcoming days.

    We are really looking forward to the upcoming year for more productivity and direct outcome.

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