Unlocking Opportunities with Lapsi Candy

Jeet Bahadur Giri, aged 60, is today the proud owner of a Lapsi (Nepalese Hog Plum) candy enterprise worth 12 lakh rupees in Sindhupalchowk, but things weren’t always the same for Giri. His already poor economic state deteriorated after the expensive treatment for his broken back due to an unfortunate accident. With the intense back problem, Giri couldn’t find any source of livelihood, and agriculture alone in a limited land he owned was hard toil only enough for subsistence. When fate seemed against Giri, read how he came to becoming one of the pioneers of lapsi candy production in Sindhupalchowk:  http://wp.me/p77SuL-5f

Abari: Traditional Ambiance with Modern Engineering

Rammed earth walls of the beautifully laid Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya, a national archive, in Patan stirs memory of centuries old architecture, yet the intricately tended bamboo roof truss and expedient interior design arouses a sense of modernity. The idea of building structure with locally available materials, such as mud and bamboo is becoming unconventional.  Read how Mr. Nripal Adhikary and his Abari Team have been daring to shift the paradigm of modern building practices by materializing bamboos and combining traditional architecture with modern engineering to build earthquake resistant homes and structures: http://wp.me/p77SuL-40

With Perseverance and Vision, Bogati Rediscovers his Roots in Vegetable Farming

While working at a supermarket in Malaysia, Santosh Bogati made enough money to lead a comfortable life and support his family. The money was good, but this 8-5 job at the counter couldn’t give him the self-satisfaction that he was looking for in his life. He kept struggling to find his way back home, but he needed a solid plan for that to happen. After a lot of thought, he realized that he had known the answer all along; agriculture, which was a huge part of his childhood and was what he was longing for. Read his story of perseverance and vision into becoming a successful vegetable farmer and his budding aim to promote agro-tourism by opening an organic village in Sundarijal at http://wp.me/p77SuL-3W

Kamal Singwang, Redefines Nepali Dream with Poultry Farm

Parents in Nepal often share dreams of white collar jobs for their children. Brought up in a similar environment, Kamal Singwang, too didn’t have any different aspirations. For years, he worked as a Project Manager for a company to multiple countries- Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Turkey, Qatar, and France. But when he witnessed French people revering farmers as mothers - the creators, he pledged to redefine the notion surrounding agriculture in Nepal and returned back. Read his journey of risking well-paying job to becoming a successful commercial poultry farmer amid government hassles, economic blockade and so on at: http://wp.me/p77SuL-3N

Friendship to Prosperity: The Journey Behind J.B Agriculture and Livestock Pvt.Ltd

Realizing the very gap between the demand and the supply of agricultural goods and the huge market potential in the same sector J B Agriculture and Livestock Pvt. Ltd.  was founded to fulfill the gap. Mr. Shyam Kumar Shrestha, Mr. Mohan Malla, Mr. Dwarika Shrestha, Mr. Bir Bahadur Tamang and Ms Madhu Tamang, the proprietors of the firm, have been successfully running the business since 2060 BS. The current ventures of the business are poultry farming, cow farming, vegetable farming and goat farming. Read the full story at: http://wp.me/p77SuL-3H

Destination Agro Farm: The Perfect Blend of Agriculture and Tourism

In the present context of Nepal, the demand for milk and milk products is unlimited and is continually rising with the growth in the population. Realizing this very market potential and the huge unmet demand for milk products, Pradeep Raj Panta co-founded an agricultural farm called Destination Agro Farm, which is primarily dedicated to the production of milk. He has been successfully running the enterprise and has been involved in integrated farming for the last five years. Read the full story at: http://wp.me/p77SuL-3H

Molding Entrepreneurial Drive at A Young Age 

After a long and tiring day at school, most teenagers would prefer to relax at home or otherwise, hang out with their friends. But Hemanta Hamal heads back to his farm to clean and feed his chickens. This is because, unlike most people his age, Hemanta Hamal is not only a student but also a poultry farmer. Read the full story at: http://wp.me/p77SuL-3B

Making it to Integrated Pig Farming 

Hira Rai worked as a driver for several years but the money he earned from long hours of driving was never enough to support his family. Frustrated, Rai decided to go abroad to try his luck. However, two years later, his family still suffered and lived from hand to mouth. Rai returned to Nepal, disappointed once again. But all hope was not lost. Fortunately for Rai, his younger brother had been doing pig farming for ten years. Read the full story at: http://wp.me/p77SuL-3y

R&D: Revolutionizing the State of Agriculture in Nepal

Seeing her mother’s struggle to get the deserved benefits for her efforts in the field, Sunita Nhemaphuki thought of bringing change in the agricultural sector in Nepal in hopes that the tremendous efforts involved in managing agriculture are paid rightfully to the people involved in the agriculture sector like her own mother. Her husband, Mr. Damber Khanal, a graduate of Information Technology in Agriculture from Singapore, shared a similar vision. Both of them wanted agricultural reform. Together, they founded R&D innovative solutions in order to bridge the gap between the consumers and the farmers. Read the full story at: http://wp.me/p77SuL-3i

Anthropose: Story of Nepal’s first eyewear brand

‘I didn’t set out to become an entrepreneur. I saw a problem and wanted to change things.’ Suraj Shrestha, CEO and founder of Anthropose, could have easily taken over the family business if he wanted to. Or, he could have taken up any stable profession. Instead, he chose an unconventional path and founded Anthropose because it was something that he believed in. Read the full story of Nepal’s first eyewear brand which does not only offers quality eyewear but also offers cataract surgeries in rural Nepal for every 10 pairs of sunglasses sold at: http://wp.me/p77SuL-32

Nepal’s First Customizable Homemade Chocolate

Nepal annually imports chocolates worth approximately Rs 2.1 billion in a year alone. Seems fitting since chocolate is perhaps the most used and gifted item of food there is. Realizing this very market potential and demand for chocolates, Ishan and Smriti created their brand Swiffles in the hopes of competing with leading chocolate brand in the industry in an unconventional manner. Read the full story of Nepal's first customizable homemade chocolate at: http://wp.me/p77SuL-21

Replacing Bricks with Hemp

The idea of growing your own house sounds silly and unimaginable to many, even to those who have spent decades of their lives in the construction sector but, Shah Hemp Inno-Ventures (SHIV) has now made it possible. By using hemp, lime dust and water, SHIV creates panels which is molded to form walls and could be used in place of bricks. Read the full story of growing your own house by replacing bricks with hemps at: http://wp.me/p77SuL-1s

Barahi Builders: Building Dreams with a Touch of Safety  

Suka Lal Tamang, a biomedical graduate, used to work in Department of Roads before he decided to start his own construction company. He started Barahi Builders in year 2013 with the vision of providing complete prefab solutions in the construction area. He started this company with an initial investment of about 20 lakh. Despite being from technical background and having the will to start his own company, was not easy. Read the full story of hardship and success at: http://wp.me/P77SuL-1ging

Wind Power Nepal: Powering Nepal Through Wind

100 megawatts of renewable energy in 10 years’, was the dream of Mr. Kushal Gurung for which he left a pioneering industry in Scotland and came back to Nepal in 2011. High peak of power cuts motivated him to contribute in the field of renewable energy.  After a year of research and market study, he started his own company called Wind Power Nepal (WPN) in 2012. However, wind energy was neglected by many and the initial phase for the company was not easy. Read the full story of struggle to being able to execute World Bank’s ‘Nepal Wind Mapping Project’ at: http://wp.me/p77SuL-Z

Entrepreneurial Journey of Durga Khad Thakuri

Durga Khad Thakuri is a cow farmer based in Palpa district. With almost 25 cows at his farm, he sells about 150 liters of milk per day. Initially, he started out with NRs. 8 lakhs (approximately USD 8000) and now his firm is valued at 15 lakhs (approximately 15000 USD). Thakuri, who was selected by his VDC to attend a veterinary training in the past, now even advices fellow cow farmers on animal health issues. He was also awarded by ASTCS as the model cow farmer in the whole of western region of Nepal.  Read his story of becoming a model farmer at: http://wp.me/p77SuL-L

Story of A Girl Who Likes to Dream and Weave Those Dreams in Form of Clothes

Subexya Bhadel is a fashion designer who runs Crossroads Apparel, a boutique located at Lazimpat, Kathmandu. In just six years of opening this enterprise, she has been a sought-after designer and even been termed as “Nepal’s top designer” by many. From uniforms for schools and offices and gowns for Miss Nepal participants to costumes for TV commercials and movies, Subexya has designed almost all types of clothes. She started out with NRs. 500000, but her enterprise has grown immensely over time and now, she even plans to move to mass production of her designs. Read her story of determination and hard work at: http://wp.me/p77SuL-D

Mala Thapa Magar and Million Rupees Enterprise 

Mala Thapa Magar runs an allo (nettle-fiber) industry based in Budanilkantha, Kathmandu. Her industry, which processes allo brought from Bajhang, Bajura and Dang, employs more than a dozen people. The finished product—fabrics and threads—is demanded by both domestic and international buyers. A humanities graduate, Magar did not resort to opportunities abroad like most of her friends. Instead she invested about Rs 100,000 and started an enterprise that would go on to be worth more than five million rupees in three years.  Read the full story at:  http://wp.me/p77SuL-z 

Story Behind Maidaan

The idea for Maidan Futsal sprouted in Avash Ghimire’s mind while he was drinking tea with his college friends. While still in the final year of his undergraduate studies at ACE Institute of Management, Avash convinced his parents and friends to invest about Rs 4.5 million to start Maidan Futsal Arena which was yet to be a proven concept. The venture is paying off handsomely now and he feels honored in being able to take home about 2 to 3 times what he would have earned had he joined any leading company for work. http://wp.me/p77SuL-F

KTM Couriers: Shifting the Paradigm of Delivery Services

Inspiration can strike anywhere and some inspiration lead to wonderful deeds like starting a new business. Similar is the story of KTM Couriers. KTM Couriers is one of the recent innovative businesses to have entered into the commercial sector of Nepal. This business takes a new approach to the already existing delivery concept in Kathmandu. KTM Couriers is a logistics company that specializes in the delivery and pick up of documents, letters, goods, cash, bill payment and such. The founders, Sajan Man Singh Suwal and Smriti Suwal, conjured up the idea of this business after seeing similar bike-messaging delivery businesses in New York and Portland. But, did they succeed in actually changing the paradigm of delivery services in Nepal? Read the full story at: http://wp.me/p77SuL-5E

Story of A Girl with Determination

Bhintuna Jya-poo, the proprietor of Bhav Products herself is nothing short of an inspiration. Someone who is a firm believer of hard work and determination, a true Taurean, Bhintuna started Bhav Products in late 2014 and it is already climbing the ladders to success. Bhav Products is a creative stationary supply where the products are designed and manufactured in Nepal. With its Instagram page screaming absolute goals and with its products being undeniably creative, Bhav Products definitely manages to lure people into their stationary frenzy. Read the full story at: http://wp.me/P77SuL-c

Foodmandu: Pioneering Nepalese E-commerce Industry

Everyone is scared of the new dog down the road, will it bite or just wag its tail. When Mr. Manohar Adhikari started an e-commerce venture of restaurant food delivery, it was indeed a giant leap into the unknown. From figuring out how to keep food warm during deliveries to identifying the correct houses in a city with no street addresses, it was no easy task. They started with only 4 employees, receiving an average of 3-4 orders a day. Now, around 24 employees hustle around the city to fulfill over 100 orders per day, making Foodmandu.com a pioneer in the Nepalese e-commerce industry. Read the full story at: http://wp.me/p77SuL-w

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