• Why Project for Improving Water Access (PIWA) in Sindhupalchowk District?

    World Health Organization (WHO) estimates minimum water requirement of 50 liters per capita per day (lcd) for basic sufficiency. But 53-year-old Mahadev Karki of Karki Tole, Sunkoshi Rural Municipality, Sindhupalchowk shares, “The households of Karki Tol have to make do with about 3-4 gagris (traditional water pot of 10-15 liters capacity) of water per day. To procure each gagri of water, we have to walk for 30 minutes to a neighboring village.”

    He recalls, “The situation was not always like this. A stone reservoir tank by the mul (source) had been built, but a forest fire destroyed the pipelines that connected the tank to the source. Since then, distributing water from the source has been very challenging for us. To add to the list of surmounting problems, the reservoir started to leak after the mega-earthquake of April 2015.”

    “As a step to resolve the situation,” he adds, “we even took initiative to talk to some organizations but they were only able to provide some pipelines. But, this didn’t solve the problem as the tank continued leaking.”

    Strongly believing that water, which is one our basic needs, must be equally accessible, safe, adequate and reliable, ISAP with the support from Peace Winds Japan and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan aims to build a sustainable water supply system in Kakri Tol, alongside other WSS in 8 RM of Sindhupalchowk who share similar stories. The water supply scheme of Karki Tol comprises of construction of a reservoir tank, provision of necessary pipelines, safe intake at the source and community taps in different locations. After the completion of the Water Supply Schemes, a Village Maintenance Worker who will be paid to take proper care of the system from the fund collected by the Water Users Committees of respective villages.

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