• Retired Teacher Participates in Udhyami Fellowship to Strengthen his Cooperative

    52-year old Mr. Shankar Prashad Paudyal was keeping himself busy with rearing two buffalos that his family owned upon a retirement as a teacher from a local government school. But for last few years, he is also actively engaged in managing a cattle farm, jointly owned by a cooperative named Ekata Pasupalan. At present, the cattle farm has 11 cows and Mr. Paudyal and other stakeholders of the farm are aiming to quickly treble the number of cows. In hope of learning new techniques as well as acquire the related business acumen to grow as a commercial farmer, Mr. Paudyal joined our Udhyami Fellowship program this year.

    The topics covered during the fellowship period included technical aspects, such as breeding methods, distinguishing quality and quantity of fodders, milking methods to name few while the business aspects included business cycle, marketing strategies and so on. His main learning was realizing that the feeding methods practiced widely in rural areas where cattle are feed dry fodder would have been a major factor behind frequent sickness that plagues their cattle. He adds, “Now I have learned that mixing dry fodder adequately with liquid helps in digestion mechanism of cattle as well as ensures good health which could later invite greater output.” He was also stunned to find out that few feed found in the market could be poisonous as they are not International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certified.

    Lastly, he remarks, “The major constraint for scaling-up their farm has been the shortage of water in the area where their farm is currently located. It would have been great if I had joined fellowship earlier so that I could learn about the important factors, such as availability of water and grazing space, to consider before selecting an arena for a cattle farm. Nevertheless, he is very satisfied with being able to learn and practices commercial cattle rearing techniques under the supervision of a commercial farmer, along with learning about different diseases and its prevention methods directly from vets who often visited the farm during his training period.

    Progress Update:
    Mr. Poudel already had an established cow farm with a total of 17 cows, before he took the fellowship training. After participating in the training, he has applied the skills learnt in his farm and also shared the knowledge to the other farmers of his locality. He is planning to increase the number of improved cow breeds in his farm. He also wants to start vegetable farming but due to lack of a proper market, he has not been able to do so. He has also planned to open a dairy to produce different dairy products.

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