• Refresher training for leader farmers concludes with field visit

    The three day “Refresher training for leader farmers” which started on Feb 2, 2020 concluded on Feb 4, 2020 with a field visit to Patalekhet and Sankhu. For the participants, who have been majorly cultivating off season tomato inside plastic house, this visit provided them with a new perspective as they could observe broccoli cultivation inside the green house of Mr. Sita Ram Bhattarai, Farmer, Patalekhet. Mr. Bhattarai who constructed the green house just two years back was earning well through cultivation of broccoli, beans, and cucumber inside green house and was a fuel of motivation for the participants. Besides off season tomato, one can cultivate other crops as well was a takeaway learning for the participants. “As I do not have to invest much on my children’s education now, I will construct green house in 3 ropanies of my land which I was preparing for additional plastic houses. Other than tomato, I will cultivate other crops inside the green house. I have some savings and I will approach for the government subsidies as well for its construction," said Homa Bahadur Karki, Kriyashil Farmers.

    The participants were then taken to Sankhu where they got an opportunity to interact with beneficiaries of one of the JICA funded project named SRC-CAP. Participants learned on how the project support helped them technically as well as financially for the fresh vegetable production. It was then followed up by evaluation of training from the representative participants. This evaluation intended to obtain participants view about different aspect of training-from the training venue to effectiveness and coverage of topics. Participants concluded the training to be highly effective in terms of learning and brushing up on fundamentals of vegetable production and showed commitment to transfer their knowledge to their fellow farmers of their groups too. It was then proceeded further with distribution of certificate of completion of training to participants in presence of Ms. Yuko Yamamoto, Country Representative, Peace Winds Japan, Dr. Ram Chandra Bhusal, Agriculture Expert, SAFII, Mr. Pankaj Parajuli, Chief Executive Officer, ISAP and Mr. Bishnu Adhikari. #JICA #PWJ #ISAP

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