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    Sushila Bhandari is a 49-year-old homemaker, a farmer, a mother to 5 children and a caretaker to a mother-in-law who is suffering from paralysis. Needless to say, her life was already on the harder side of the spectrum and to pile up on all that, she also had to struggle to provide safe drinking water for her family. Sushila, like other beneficiaries, relied on monsoon for farming as the yield at the source was not enough for farming. She wanted to get into vegetable farming but it remained a wish that never seemed to get fulfilled. She wanted to support her husband in providing for the family but farming was the only skill she had and due to the shortage of water in the community, she could never produce a sellable quantity. The quantity she could produce was barely enough for the family which did not contribute much to the monthly savings.
    As an acknowledgment of her hardship and her resistance to give up on her pursuit, the Department of Agriculture at Sunkoshi Rural Municipality rewarded her with Nrs.5000 in 2019 which had motivated her to work harder but she had to stall because of the shortage of water.
    Now with the installation of an individual tap in her house and construction of a regulated water system, she is hopeful that she will be able to utilize the arable land she has to produce more vegetables and financially support her family. She is hopeful that the income she makes will be able to provide for her children’s education and inspire other women in the community to follow her footsteps.

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