• Meet Arjun Ranabhat, our Udhyami Fellow for the ISAP Udhyami Fellowship (Mushroom) program 2017- 4th Cycle !

    "If you ought to continuously work 10-12 hours daily, you can easily earn considerable money in your own country; most importantly, you can earn money as well as stay with your family,” says Mr. Arjun Ranabhat (on the Left). Mr. Ranabhat labored around 10 years in a foreign land-Israel to financially support his family, but as his children are growing up he has decided to stay in Nepal by starting a small business. Since returning back to Nepal he has been seeing that many of his friends are earning well through poultry farming, but he has developed a strong desire to pursue mushroom farming as he could clearly see that the demand for mushroom in his hometown- Damauli is highly unsaturated. However, novice to mushroom farming, Mr. Ranabhat feared incurring a heavy loss and losing the hard earned savings of 10 years. Therefore, as soon as he saw an opportunity for a 4-weeks apprentice program –ISAP’s Udhyami Fellowship on mushroom farming, he came to Kathmandu for the training.

    ISAP believes that the practical aspect of any training is as important as the theory itself and carries a “learning by doing” spirit. Thus, after a 3 days training on business literacy, Ranabhat was placed in a mushroom farm owned by Pragati farmer’s group in Kapan. In these four weeks, Rananbhat learned all the basics from making a mushroom shed to determining the preferred conditions for growing oyster mushroom; controlling temperature and ventilating a shed, appropriately cutting spawned bags etc. He also got acquainted with harvest and post-harvest handling of mushrooms under the supervision of established entrepreneurs, along with being able to experience marketing of the produced mushroom. During the 4 weeks period, he was even able to establish a good relationship with various value chain actors which will prove immensely beneficial once he starts his own farm.

    Prior to the training, Ranabhat had planned to farm mushrooms in Damauli. Now, he happily shares, “If I would have just started the farm on my own at Damauli, I would have lost all my investment. Thanks to the training, I came to know that mushroom farming is not very suitable in warm places like Damauli.” Once he acquires the land for the farming either in Kathmandu valley or Pokhara or Makwanpur where the temperature is perfect for mushroom farming, he will initiate farm construction for the mushroom farming. He feels that though it would be a struggle to find and establish the market initially,once that is acquired, he is confident that in due time he will be able to make a generous profit out of this enterprise.
    Progress updates:
    Ranabhat has planned to lease land in Kathmandu to start his venture.

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