• Introducing Udhyami Fellows 2017

    Meet Hark Bahadur BK (Right), our Udhyami Fellow for the ISAP Udhyami Fellowship (Poultry) program.

    37-year old Hark Bahadur BK from Dangaji, Bajhang had been planning to open his own poultry farm for the last 2 years. But the lack of confidence along with inadequate technical and business information and financial issues had been proving as major constraints. While the financial obstacles would be managed through different mediums, adequate knowledge and confidence was something that was must before he would take the risk of venturing into a poultry business.

    He says, Udhaymi fellowship, came at the right time for him. He shares “As soon as I saw the fellowship advertisement in Facebook, I know this was place to be, regardless of how far Kathmandu is from Dhangadhi, where he currently resides.” He elaborates, “There is a huge difference between what we can grasp from books and what we can learn from farm-based training. Everything that book says or the training gives can only be seen and practiced by staying in a commercial farm and learning from an established entrepreneur.”

    The key learning for him was realizing that his original business plan on poultry would have failed miserable with little technical and business information he had beforehand. He had limited ideas on how to keep chicks safe from different diseases, selecting suitable water and feed and deciding its quantity and timing as per the growth of chicken, information regarding medicines and so on. He gleefully shares that these are only few things that he has learned and practiced, showing his meticulous notes in his dairy and fellowship handbook that he will be using further in his upcoming entrepreneurial journey.

    Though he had originally planned on opening a small scale farm in Dhangadhi, with boosted confidence and knowledge he now plans to make 2 coops that can accommodate 2000 chicken each. He will soon be starting the construction of the farm, but will keep chicks only after 3 months as the weather will be more suitable during that period. He adds that the very hot weather in Dhangadhi will continue to be his major problem as a poultry farmer, along with new-new diseases that hits the market. Therefore, he plans to keep close relationship with vet, doctors and his trainer for time-to-time queries and suggestions.

    Very satisfied with the program, especially his trainer (Left), Mr. Chandra Tamang, Propiter of Indra Kuman Singwang (IKS) Farm, he remarks, “Providing ago based in-farm training on goat farming, poultry, and so on gives opportunity to unemployed youth that have no option than going for an foreign employment to work in their own country.

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