• Introducing Our Udhyami Fellows 2017

    Meet Tulsa Rai Limbu (Left), our Udhyami Fellow for the ISAP Udhyami Fellowship (Goat) program.

    Tusla and her husband already own a small scale goat farm with 50 goats in Dhankuta. However, they were having hard time scaling up, especially with reoccurring sickness in their goats. She shares, “Even now few goats are sick, and at times we feel that maybe we will fail as agro-entrepreneurs.”

    Udhaymi fellowship played huge role in addressing this issue, along with providing other technical skills and business knowledge. Tulsa utilized her 4 weeks period of fellowship especially learning about recognizing symptoms of different diseases and its prevention methods. She shares, “I have learnt the importance of different vaccination, such as PPR, along with learning how to give vaccines after observing the host entrepreneur.” She adds, “I also learned that one can use thermometer to measure fever when goat shows the symptoms, such as cough, and timely worm medication is must to prevent the diseases from getting worse and avoid huge loss.”

    Another key learning has been getting to know the modern techniques of goat farm construction and realizing that their existing farm is not suitable for all weather and is one of the major reasons behind the different diseases affecting their goats. She says, “Now I know the space requirements and farm facilities needed for a good goat farm, i.e. shed orientation and dimension, ventilation management, and disposal of the manure.”

    With the increased understanding of technical and business aspect of commercial goat farming and boosted self-confidence, Tulsa and her husband have concluded they will surely be scaling-up by adding 50 more goats. They also plan construct the modern farm and grow improved grass fodder in 30 ropani of land after realizing its essential role for preventing different diseases and for grazing sick and pregnant goat, respectively.

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