• Introducing our Udhyami Fellows 2017 - 2nd Cycle

    Meet Diwakar Nepali and Durga Bahadur Nepali , our Udhyami Fellow for the ISAP Udhyami Fellowship (Poultry) program 2017- 2nd Cycle.

    Diwakar Nepali and Durga Bahadur Nepali have been involved in social service sector through various non-governmental organizations for quite a long time. Since most of their time was consumed with serving rural communities, they were lagging behind in supporting their families financially. As their financial security, especially in long-run, remained questioned, both decided to venture into agro-business for self-sustainability while pursuing their passion to serve their community hand-in-hand.

    As they were observing existing agro-market, they were quick to notice that poultry farming was ensuring good return even with a small capital. But, what they lacked was adequate technical and business acumen which was proving a major hurdle in their journey toward being self-reliant.

    A strong believer of the idea that practice is as important as studying, they soon joined our Udhayami Fellowship program that offers in-farm training. In the span of 4 weeks, they were able to acquire understanding of fundamental aspects of running a commercial poultry farming. Their learning included maintaining a suitable temperature in a farm, identifying required quality and quantity of grains, diseases and its prevention methods, and so on. Most importantly, they were very satisfied with being able to learn through practice in a commercial farm under the supervision of a commercial farmer. Dewakar shares that now they feel much more confident to start their own farm. He adds, “The training gave us an opportunity to learn 95% of important technical and business aspects of having a successful poultry farm.”

    Diwakar and Durga Nepali will shortly commence the construction of their farm. Lastly, they strongly believe that the relationship that they have established with their trainer, Mr. Chandra Tamang, will prove very beneficial to learn further about marketing and thriving in Nepali agro-market once they start their own farm.

    Progress Updates:
    Diwakar Nepali has already constructed the farm house and will soon start the broiler poultry farm from 900 chicks. He also plans to construct a new farm of the same size in the next winter as the cost of construction during the rainy season is high. In the future, he plans to do vegetable farming in plastic tunnels.
    On the other hand, Durga Bahadur Nepali is soon going to start his broiler poultry farm with 1000 chicks. He wants to increase the size of his farm and the number of poultry also. He also wants to be a supplier of chicks to the different farms in his district.

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