• Imagine walking up hill for 20 minutes at least and waiting in line for another 20 minutes because your neighbors made the journey before you and all that just to fetch a bucket full of water.

    For us accustomed to urban lifestyle, being able to access water just by turning on the taps in our houses is a privilege that we never realize rather with time we just feel entitled to it. But such is not the case everywhere.
    Hari Bahadur Bhandari is a farmer by profession and an active member of Kuile Water Supply Scheme. Hari, has a family of 5 who depend on him for their daily needs. Before, Project for Improving Water Access, Hari, like other farmers from the community relied on spring water for farming and drinking purpose. The pipelines that they had used to bring water to their homes was enough to provide for drinking and sanitation purposes but the community heavily relied on monsoon for farming. Like other members of the community, he relied on monsoon to produce rice, lentil and millet. He had ample land for vegetable production but he could never get involved in it commercially because of lack of water.
    After the introduction of Project for Improving Water Access (PIWA) in Kuile – Sunkoshi RM 06, Sindhupalchowk, Hari Bahadur is very happy and thankful towards our field team for their hard work. Being a full time farmer he now plans on cultivating vegetable of different varieties along with which he also plans on adding few goats and a buffalo as well since there is easy access to water now.The village is also getting irrigation channel from the municipal side after which he along with other villagers are planning to do Plastic house farming.

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