• Due to the pandemic, numerous projects have experienced a standstill with no noticeable progress since months.

    Nevertheless, during such trying times, we are delighted to share that Small Agro Farmers Income Improvement Project (SAFII) has not lagged behind completely. In the absence of project team led technical monitoring visit, Leader Farmers (LFs) who have a significant role in advising, monitoring and training their fellow farmers, LFs have started to routinely visit their fellow farmers for regular technical guidance and support. Beneficiary farmers are pleased as they can rely on the support of their fellow leader farmer on any field issues they have. We have also been updating our farmers on market situation followed by information on diseases and pests management through radio broadcasting on local FM program as a part of Public Service Announcement. With only 3 months remaining for project completion, Leader Farmers Monitoring approach is deemed to transfer the project based technology at the local level and contribute towards project sustainability. Here are some pictures from our project site.

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