• Agro Business Literacy Training (SAFII)

    Production is half the work done for producer/farmer, whereas the other half consists of marketing the product so that it reaches the consumer. Understanding this essence of marketing and business literacy, with an objective to enhance understanding and awareness of basic business concepts
    that maximize profits and improve production a two-day training consisting of an interactive curriculum that helps small scale producer farmers in taking a more commercially-minded approach to their farming activities was conducted.

    It was held on 14th and 15th November 2019 at Chautara, Sindhupalchok with the overwhelming participation of 33 farmers of twenty FG’s. Although it was a refresher training for few farmers it was new for many other farmers who didn’t participate last year. Mr. Suresh Kumar Dahal's consultant for Agriculture Enterprise Development took over the training for two days. During the training farmers participated in role-playing, simulation and other exercises to practice
    business concepts, experiment, take risks and use creative problem-solving techniques in a safe environment. Participants applied lessons learned through these activities to develop a business plan for their individual farming businesses. Major concepts covered include farm business
    cycles, record keeping, planning farm business, purchasing decisions, basic cash flow, assessing
    costs and benefits, grading and packaging as well as savings and credit.

    In addition to that to act as a bridge between farmers and local trader/ Agri input suppliers, a discussion session was also conducted. Where Mr. Kumar Shrestha, Trader for Chhap Collection Centre and Maya Shrestha, Agrovet Trader of Maya Veterinary Centre have participated. The discussion helped farmers raise their issues and problems while fulfilling the gap that existed between them.

    P.S Participant farmers after the training are expected to apply the knowledge gained on their own farm business and also share them with the fellow farmers of their respective FG’s.

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