• Agro Business Fundamentals Workshop for Udhyami Fellows

    We are delighted to announce the successful completion of the “Agro Business Fundamentals for Micro Entrepreneurs” workshop for aspiring and small-scale agro entrepreneurs to be selected for our Udhaymi Fellowship program. The workshop saw the active participants from Bajhang to Taplejung.

    The aspiring and small-scale agro entrepreneurs found the workshop very interesting and helpful to understand the business and financial aspects of any commercial agri-business. The different games and role playing exercises further boosted the learning of the participants.

    Throughout the workshops the aspiring agro- entrepreneurs came to know about whether their business plan would actually sustain and thrive, while the small-scale entrepreneurs realized factors that could lead to optimum output and greater profits. For example, an aspiring pig farmer knew that pig and fish farming complement each other as the pig waste is considered good feed for fish, but he was unaware that the worms found in pig waste is used than the pig waste itself. Similarly, small-scale goat entrepreneur realized that the reducing cost by feeding low-quality feed or inadequate feed to goat was highly affecting their output, leading to fewer profit.

    For the financial aspects, the participants found the workshop on distinguishing personal expenses from business expenses very useful to derive the actual business earning. One of the participants, Mr. Phurba Parkhin, who have been making and trading carpets for last 22 years had never accounted his profit and loss. This way he could not realize the factors, such as seasonal demands, leading to profit and loss which is essential for entrepreneur to grow his business. After learning the importance of financial aspects and its tools and methods, he now plans to use it in his current business as well as the Pig farming he is aiming to open in Birjung.

    The participants were then selected for the Udhaymi fellowship program, who will now be placed in different farms of the commercial and successful host entrepreneurs for the 4 to 8 weeks in-farm training.

    *Udhyami Fellowship is an apprenticeship program for aspiring and/or small-scale agro-entrepreneurs. In this program, aspiring and/or small-scale agro-entrepreneurs are paired with established ones to transfer business and technical skills so as to accelerate the growth of new and/or small enterprises. This year, we are offering fellowship in Mushroom Farming, Vegetable Farming, Goat Farming, Poultry, Cow Farming, Fisheries, and Pig farming.

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