• On Aug 6, 2018

    Small Agro Farmers Exposure Visit

    Mr. Bishnu Prasad Aryal, president of Aryal Tole Krishak Samuha, Chautara Sanghachowkgadi Municipality-11, Ayaal Gau Sindhupalchwok sharing his experiance about exposure visit to different commercial plastic house tomato farm that has been recently conducted for second group in Nala and Panauti, Kavrepalanchowk.

  • On Jul 23, 2018

    Seeing is believing: Farmers exposure visit to commercial plastic house tomato farms
    Exposure visit for first group of plastic house tomato growing farmers to different commercial farms of plastic house tomato cultivation of Nala and Panauti has been completed recently. The visit included participation of farmers along with the members of local government bodies Mr. Nar Man Shrestha (ward President, ward number 5) and Mr. Kamal Bahadur Shrestha (ward member, ward number 5) of Sindhupalchowk, representative from district agriculture development organization (DADO), Kavrepalanchowk, Mr. Bishnu Prasad Adhikari and representative from agriculture service centre, Banepa, Mr. Mukunda K.C., our agriculture expert Mr. Ram Chandra Bhusal and agriculture officer Mr. Anjesh Shrestha.

    Observations of farms doing plastic house tomato cultivation in around 15 ropani were done and interactions were made with the commercial farmers. Major subjects of discussion were how they have started doing tomato farming, their initial investments, major problems that have been faced (disease and pest problems and market problems) and their major market areas.

    Farmers got the idea about what commercial farming actually is and they were convinced that a single farmer can also do farming in 90 tunnels. They shared the problem that they are facing in their plastic houses and got the information about the practices that these commercial farmers are doing to solve those problems. Thus conducting such kind of visit time and again is very much convincing to the progressive farmers as they get to interact directly with commercial farmers.

  • On Jul 11, 2018

    A year round supply: Nursery management training for Off-season vegetable crops in SAFII

    Field-based training on “Nursery Management for off-season production of Cauliflower and onion has recently been completed at Khatrithok Krishak Samuha, Pragatishil Krishak samuha, Pokharebeshi Krishak Samuha and Nawajagaran Krishak Samuha of Khatrithok, Chilaune, Pokharebeshi and Chaap respectively, by our Agriculture officer Mr. Anjesh Shrestha and Ms. Deepika Adhikari, with the assistance of our social mobilizer Mr. Birendra Tamang.

    Based on the learning of previous training, the farmers of the above groups, prepared the land, incorporated the fertilizers, solarized the field for 10 days (covered the prepared area with plastic to kill weed, pests and pathogens) and soaked onion seeds for 12 hours before sowing seeds.

    On the day of the training, the farmers learned about raising the seed bed and building the tunnel in a way that prevents the seed from the rain, as rain water can lead to fungal diseases and rotting of seeds.

  • On Jul 2, 2018

    Nipping the problem at the bud- Pest surveillance for SAFII Project

    After construction of Plastic houses in various groups and training on Nursery Management, Small Agro-Farmers Income Improvement Project (SAFII) project is taking a good pace. Thus, taking a step further, pest surveillance was held in three sites of SAFII (namely Kalleri, Chhap and Irkhu), to know the existing disease and pest problems. The visit was led by our Agriculture expert Dr. Ram Chandra Bhusal, along with our Agriculture Officer Mr. Anjesh Shrestha, agriculture technician, Ms. Shanti Gautam and Ms. Deepika Adhikari (Bsc.Ag).

    A little prevalence of pests like Tuta absoluta and Leaf miner and disease like Fusarium wilt in its initial stage were seen. Our experts recommended management options as per the prevailing problems to the farmers like use of yellow sticky trap for aphids and lure for Tuta absoluta.

    Timely pest surveillance and regular monitoring help prevent aggravating the problem. Identifying the problem in the initial phase and solving the problem is a crucial part of commercial farming.

  • On May 21, 2018

    RVT (Ferro cement tank) under construction !!!

    RVT (Ferro cement tank) is under construction at Bhandari Tol, Ratmate Dada, Thapa Tol, and Gumba Tol of Sindhupalchowk District as a part of Project for Improving Water Access (PIWA) in earthquake-affected communities.

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